Richard Vickery
Richard Vickery

OrderlyBooks Limited was started by Richard Vickery who has a passion for helping businesses succeed.  Having started several businesses himself and by attending a number of startup events in London he quickly realised that companies were paying far too much to Accountants.

Being an accountant himself, he knew that accountants charged per hour, so if you give them a shoe box full of receipts, then you’re going to pay the price of having an accountant sort them out, order them and create a set of accounts from them.

So the idea for OrderlyBooks was born, we help business owners get their books and records in order!  This means less time is spent by the accountant to produce a set and accounts and hence the client Saves Money.

Not only will they save money on their accountant’s fee, they will also be able to tell who they need to chase for payment, what bills need paying and by when, if their cashflow is in good shape.

There are so many ways that companies can benefit from well-ordered accounts, we want it to make it our Mission to help as many companies as possible.


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