Here is a list of resources that we think will help you to get your books and records in order.  We use them so there is no reason for you not too!

Waveapps – an online bookkeeping service, works as well as some of the paid ones like Quickbooks, Sage Online etc but it is FREE to use!

Invoicely – generate beautiful invoices (even on the go through the app) and track who owes you what!  Again FREE to use!

Expensify – take pictures with your smartphone of your receipts to keep them for your records (yes the HMRC does accept digital copies) – again FREE to use!

TinyScanner – scan purchase invoices and keep them as a PDF file.  Saves having huge files full of paper invoices.  FREE to use.

Hellosign – get contracts signed digitally without having to post them.  Quick and easy to use.  Plus its FREE!

TOGGL – If you’re a freelancer and you need to track hours, this is a great tool.  FREE to use.

So there you have it!  Most of these have a FREE option.  So there really are no excuses for not getting your accounts and records in order!